Checklist for pole dance competition contestants

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A checklist from Pole in Style for those who are competing in a pole dance competition. Use this list to make sure you bring important items with you.

Must have items:

 Costume
 Competition documents – Forms, ID, insurance
 Music – Check whether you need it on CD or USB
 Grip products – Put your name on them to avoid confusion back stage
 Make up
 Hair styling products & electronics
 Accessories and props for your performance
 Workout clothes to keep you warm while waiting for your turn
 Food and water
 Phone, charger and headphones so you can mentally rehearse while waiting
 Sewing kits and fashion tape to fix your costume in case something goes wrong
 Money in case you need to buy something


Nice-to-have items:

 Back-up costume
 Baby wipes and towels to wipe yourself down in case you get sweaty
 Slippers to wear backstage
 Yoga mat, blocks, rubber bands, foam roller for warm up
 Back stage assistant: someone to help you with hair & makeup and provide you with moral support, if allowed by the organizer
 Books/magazines/tablets so you have something to do while waiting back stage
 Post competition outfit: Some competitions do have an after party afterwards
 Band aids
 Makeup remover, especially if you are going to apply a lot of makeup for your performance
 A bag to put all your stuff in, preferably with lock on it


Download a printable version of this checklist here

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