Pole in Style of the month: Meet Line from Denmark

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Meet pole dancer Line from Denmark who shares with Pole in Style her pole story.

1. Tell us about yourself.
I am a therapist, yoga instructor and pole artist. I have the coolest job ever since I get to work full time with what I love: exploring the functions of the body and help other people. I am 29 years old and live in a small city called Esbjerg in southern Denmark.

Line Pole in Style

2. When did you start pole dancing and how did you get into it?
I started approximately six and a half years ago. I was a fitness instructor and wanted to challenge myself - so I did.

3. How did people around you react when they found out about your pole dancing?
At that time people in Denmark did not really know what it was about, so they thought I was being a stripper.

4. Your favorite tricks
I loooove splitty tricks such as jade split, bondage split and spatchcock.

5. Your nemesis tricks
My nemesis tricks are dynamic ones. Flips and fonji.

6. Your pole idols
Felix Cane, Marion Crampe, Bendy Kate, Natasha Wang


7. What are your current goals?
Building more strength so my Iron X will be clean, doing the rainbow marchenko and to do more flips.

8. Your favorite pole dance performance
At Pole Theatre Scandinavia - Watch Line's performance here.

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