The reason why you should not skip your rest day

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You may be overexcited to nail that new pole trick or combo. You practice days and nights to get it. However, it is important to give your body a rest. Here’s why:

Any form of exercise consumes energy and oxygen. Sweating leads to fluid loss and your muscle fibers are ’broken down’ to some extent. The purpose of recovery is to give your body the rest it needs to build and reinforce muscle tissues after a workout. Recovery refers to the process the body uses to rebuild after the workout. After a satisfactory recovery, your body performance will improve. We call this overcompensation, meaning an increase in performance compared to prior training.

Recovery and overcompensation are two sides of the same anabolic process. You cannot expect any noticeable progress after every workout. It is a sum of the average overcompensation over time which then gives a noticeable and measurable performance increase. This is why you only see significant progress after a while. The time required for full recovery and overcompensation depends on the amount of exercise, your training background and status. Food and sleep are other key elements. Also mental factors are important, as mental stress can lead to sleep problems and loss of appetite. If you start exercise again before your recovery and overcompensation process is complete, you will not see any significant progress in your training. Remember to rest and take a good care of your body.

In this figure below, you will find how much rest your body needs based on different workout intensities, which is measured by the percentage of maximum rate of oxygen (VO2 max) consumption during exercise. The higher percentage of maximum rate of oxygen consumption is, the more intensity your workout is.

This is only an indication of how much rest your body requires based on workout intensity. It is hard to measure how much oxygen your body consumes during each workout, unless you are doing in it a lab with a group of experts around you. Listen to your body. Fatigue and tiredness mean your body isn’t ready yet. If you still have the urge to move, opt for some light stretching, go for a swim or take a long walk.

Happy training (and resting)!


Written by Mai Phan

About Mai: 

Mai Phan is the owner of Pole in Style, an online store providing apparel and training tools for pole dance ( She also works as a personal trainer in Oslo, Norway and is a certified pole fitness instructor, IPSF judge and President of the Norwegian Pole Sport Federation. Mai has been doing pole dance since 2012 and loves how it has given her self confidence and belief in herself. Follow her personal page here.

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